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Why Choose 1st Option

1st Option Insurance helps you protect your family’s financial status after you’re gone. We search over 50 level term and whole companies to find you the best price. Every life insurance company has a different height/weight chart and health underwriting so we take your answers to find the right quote for your situation.

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Our Trusted Companies

We search over 50 companies and every life insurance company 1st Option Insurance represents has been carefully chosen to provide favorable rates for people with certain risks. That's why we can provide attractive rates to people who smoke or take meds to control cholesterol, blood pressure or other health issues.

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Term Life Insurance vs. Whole Life Insurance

Term life insurance vs. whole life insurance.
Which is a better choice for you?
Term life insurance policies serve a purpose. So do whole life insurance policies. The purpose of term life insurance is to protect your family for a specific time period. If you buy the right term life insurance, it does the job beautifully well.

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